"Chojikkan Nande Konnani Deruderu" Diet Tablets (6 Tablets x 75 Packets)

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  • Product Introduction

    ● to support beauty and health maintenance!
    ● Kidachiaroe, contains such as Salacia reticulata extract and B vitamins.
    ● Contains a strong component of sugar, oil and communication 's measures, diet stuck to the "get out", "slim".
    ● This value pack 2.5 months.

    The Kidachiaroe Kidachiaroe is a native of the lily family of plants in South Africa. Strongly to the cold weather in several some aloe, it has been the most cultivated in Japan. The aloe aloe is perennial native to Africa of the lily family. Is to our country was imported as an ornamental plant. There are many types of more than 200 types of aloe, in Japan Kidachiaroe, is popular is aloe vera is often used. Aloin, Aroenin, Aroechin, it may contain ingredients such as Alboran. The Salacia Salacia is climbing of trees Celastraceae plants that are native to Sri Lanka and India the southern region. Citrus and Citrus is native to India of citrus plants. Most, including the representative species of lemon cultivated species, native species is just. In addition to using the fruit edible, medicinal, to perfume, you can also use bark and leaves. This extract, which is extracted from the unripe fruit of the bitter orange is a citrus family of plants.

  • Product Use

    As a diet supplement, please enjoy a guide per day bag low degree with water or lukewarm water.

    High temperature and humidity, please save to avoid direct sunlight.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Nutrition Facts 1 bag (1.2 g) per
    Heat 4.65kcal
    Protein 0.049g
    Lipid 0.062g
    Carbohydrate 0.973g
    Sodium 0.88mg
    Vitamin B1 3.6mg
    Vitamin B2 3.6mg
    Vitamin B6 3.5mg
    Vitamin D 1.2μg
    Vitamin E 2.4mg
    Calcium 4.5mg

    Kidachiaroe the end of 144mg
    Salacia Rete queue Villadorata extract powder 36mg
    Citrus peel extract (citrus Alan tee Umm) 24mg
    Creatine 12mg


  • Storage Information

    In rare cases there is also those who do not meet the physical condition. Please discontinue temporary use who do not superior of after use physical condition.
    In addition, please note the unreasonable weight loss method.
    Please use carefully read the display and description properly before use.

    [If you enjoy attention at the time]
    · In rare cases there is also those who do not I in the constitution. Please discontinue a temporary use if not superior of after use physical condition.
    - Please keep out of the reach of children.
    After opening, please enjoy as soon as possible.
    • The excessive weight loss method Please note.

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ten *****
I like

I like

akr *****
It's a pity that I had little effect. ...

It's a pity that I had little effect. The taste and shape are easy to drink.

yh1 *****

It helps the calm through effect.
I want to buy again

I use it for the first time. I will buy again

yh1 *****
If not the first

It is repeat. Although it is not as good as the beginning because it is a little familiar, the calm effect is recognized as usual. Currently, other enzyme supplements are used in the morning and before going to bed. Rather than shape up, it's more about the constipation of the side effects of diet. The taste is great, but I'd like to continue a little more.
sun *****
★ Thanks to this supplement ...

★ Thanks to this supplement, you can eat a little more snacks. Life is more enjoyable at a lower price.
Buyer 's

I bought it according to the title written, but not so much. I can't lose weight.
yh1 *****
I noticed it was a local product.

After making one apple a day, I'm fine and refraining from using it now, but I found it very useful for clogging after a diet. It may also be used because the symptoms are likely to manifest during the dry season in winter, possibly due to reduced hydration. For me, bis * t, kot * apo, and windproof sanssan were not able to tolerate resistance immediately, but this guy was a big one.

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