belulu Hikari - Professional LED photo facial care at home

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Light aesthetic treatment through 420 high-intensity LED lights brings you perfect beautiful skin.

The combination of 3 colors (Blue/Yellow/Red) allows for 7 types of light aesthetic treatment.

1. Blue LED (470nm wavelength): Effective on active oxygen - a cause of pimples.

2. Red LED (630nm wavelength): Increases collagen and is perfect for aging care.

3. Yellow LED (590nm wavelength): Works on melanin and is effective for pigmentation.

4. Blue/Red LED Mix: Pimple care & aging care at the same time.

5. Red/Yellow LED Mix: Aging care and care for blemishes/pimple scars at the same time.

6. Blue/Yellow LED Mix: Care for pimples & pimple scars at the same time.

7. Blue/Yellow/Red LED Mix: For those with many skin worries, this care for various problems at the same time.

The 3-sided mirror construction with an exposure area of approx. 340mm x 210mm properly covers your whole face in light. You can completely expose whole areas in one go thanks to this. On 2 places of the stand that connects the LED lights and base, there are parts that can move 180 degrees, so you can use at your angle of preference. Also, as it folds up compactly, you can store it without taking up much space. Adjust the angle and you can also use this for full body care on the neck, décolleté, bust, stomach, back, hips, arms and legs.

● Model No.: KRD-1008

● Contents: Main Unit, Light-Shielding Glass, AC Adaptor, Instruction Manual

● Rated Voltage: 100-240V(50Hz/60Hz)

● Ingredients/Materials: [Body Portion] ABS resin, [Lighting Surface] ABS resin

● Size (cm): H (Height) 63~393mm x D (Depth) 210mm x W (Width) 350mm

● Weight (item only)[G]: 1885

● Made in China

● Manufacturer Name: Beautiful Angel

● Handling Precautions:

・This item is not waterproof. Never use in a place with lots of moisture such as the bathroom.

・Do not use with wet hands or when moisture, dust etc. is adhered to it.

・Wear protective glasses during use. Do not look directly into the LED lights or light up your eyes. Remove metal items such as watches and jewelry.

・When using and storing, place in a horizontal, stable location.


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Junko Amemiya
My skin was super thin, and the laser was too strong, and I was previously recommended by a cosmetic dermatologist to confirm the effect of LED irradiation, so when I know the existence of belulu hikari, which can be irradiated at any time at home I was excited. The design is also good, I am irradiating before going to bed. It is important to continue for a long time.
to @ mo 's
I used Vigan in a dermatologist I went to, so I bought this one.

I don't use glasses because it's annoying, so I'm dazzling. Because of

acne , I bought it at Blue Light Main, but
Red is insanely good.
It will be funny Lol

care every three colors in every other day.

It is difficult to get acne , and it is a good product to buy.
niko ♪♪ 's
Although it was the purchase with half credit and doubt, there is certainly an effect.
Especially acne .

If physical condition management is bad, acne may pop out, but when blue light is applied for 20 minutes a day, it disappears in about 4 or 5 days. Especially effective for swelling people who have redness.
I was shocked by this.
The blue light seems to have the effect of killing acne bacteria.
Certainly, some cosmetic dermatologists use LED.

The effects of yellow and red light are visibly hard to understand, so I can't say anything but blue is the only effect, so it will surely be there.
Non-contact facial care products are safe because they don't have to worry about touching your skin and causing it to lose weight.

Dermatological drugs do work, but I don't like getting too rough. This is surprisingly easy to use because there is no such thing.
One drawback is that the sound is loud and loud, which sounds every minute. Need to sound like that?

I forgot I was going to do this.
About three years ago,
I wanted to convey this wonderful effect earlier.
If you are suffering from acne , please try blue LED by all means.
Wealth success 's
Qoo 10 site purchased

not only face but also
neck care
persistent blowouts ( acne ) and pigmentation & irregularities on the body A
real LED treatment machine that can be done at home to this improvement? As the purchase
price is high
35,000 yen it did around 3 After

all effectively it
best to irradiate the blue for 15 minutes The
new blowout has been sharply reduced Certainly the
red crater improvement
Yellow pigmentation thin
this effect also There you but
than it
pimples that can be new in blue. It is
better to focus on getting rid of the existing blowout fundamentally is effective
T-back wear is good

I have a cold this winter and
now I'm having a rest on the Isobe radiation ... ...

instead of
sleeping while
face half at a time
has been irradiated with red LED
5 minutes 5 minutes each
acne scars
sagging and will serve as the legal line improvement

just use while sleeping, but
if irradiated placed near the top of my head
red LED It seems that the hair growth effect has also been demonstrated.
Face maskWhile such
will be his back
to the LED illumination is also the head
is killing two birds with one stone effect

electricity bill trade is to close to zero
because the running costs (consumption parts) there is no
, but is more and more is good to use
because damage to the eye and not the eye guard
It's also a boring thing to be quiet on your back
Marukome & Marukome 's
This is ugly!
The skin became mochimochi and the color became a little white by using it for about 20 minutes only once.
After using it twice, the stains have become slightly thinner and the lines of law have been reduced.
We used every day for a week, but the spots and lines of law are almost unknown, and the skin is plump! The dullness is gone, and it is clearly whitened .
Was also used to impress and scalp to this effect, the hair is glossy sheen to the silky! ! Hair loss also decreased.
I am happy and happy, I just want to use it for my whole body.
If it comes out for the body, it may be expensive, but it may be bought ...... It
is an easy care just to bathe in light, but the effect is outstanding.
mune 's
The facial unit that I wanted for a long time .
I lost my mind and decided on "beauty Lulu Hikari".
Because I have a metal allergy , I decided to stop using a metal-type facial care device .

Easy care just put on the included goggles and turn on the LED light.
I'm irradiating the bath for 20 minutes.

My skin is weak, so I was worried if I had a problem, but no problem with it.

I have not used it yet, so I can not see the effect like this, but I think it would be good if the continuous use would produce an effect similar to the expectation.

"43,200 yen" never felt that it was too expensive considering that I received a photo facial at an esthetic salon.
mune 's
The facial unit that I wanted for a long time. I lost my mind and decided on "beauty Lulu Hikari". Because I have a metal allergy, I decided to stop using a metal-type facial care device. With ...

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