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A handy type 4 color LED light beauty appliance.

With 40 LED lights and a vibrating massage function. Red LED lights with a wavelength of 650nm promote the generation of collagen and elastin for aging care. Yellow LED lights with a wavelength of 590nm put skin turnover into shape, making your skin one tone brighter and improving pigmentation. Blue LED lights with a wavelength of 470nm suppress excess sebum secretion, sterilize pimple-causing acne bacteria and quell inflammation. Purple LED lights with a wavelength of 400nm promote the lymphatic metabolism, getting rid of swelling and improving a red face & eye bags.

● Model No.: KRD-1022

● Contents: Main Unit, LED Cartridge (4 Types), Light-Shielding Glass, USB Cable, AC Adaptor, Instruction Manual

● Rated Voltage: 100-240V(50Hz/60Hz)

● Ingredients/Materials: [Body Portion] ABS resin, [Lighting Surface] PC

● Size (cm): H (Height) 61mm x W (Diameter) 65mm

● Weight (item only)[G]: 93

● Made in China

● Manufacturer Name: Beautiful Angel

● Handling Precautions:

・This item is not completely waterproof. Never use in a place with lots of moisture such as the bathroom.

・Do not use with wet hands or when moisture, dust etc. is adhered to it.

・Do not look directly into the LED lights or light up your eyes.

・Do not use excessively on weak areas of skin.


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Was good! ! ! ! !
Mr. krc ****
Was good! ! ! ! !
haf ****
I tried to get started with this affordable product because it was the first time for a beautiful face device!
Without saying the function, I bought it and started using it immediately, but it was ion introduction that immediately felt as an effect!
The feeling of feeling was totally different from that I had applied so much lotion by hand!
It is really recommended because you can easily try out the light beauty treatment salon!
rus *****
Good for beginners
UU Nyan 's
Exideal is also used, but it can be used while moving here, Rakuten has accumulated points so I obtained it ♪

thin skin, because it is weak to friction I also avoid ion introduction or wiping lotions or scrub etc. I love
LED face-to-face equipment because it produces effects just by being exposed to light!

This is rechargeable so you can drink tea while on the way, you can keep using it while carrying it even if you want to go to the bathroom ^ ^

It is very useful for hand care because it is small and light.
I use it in my hands while watching TV, but I think that at this age it was a pretty clean hand.

Hand or even made lunch to his son to make a three meals properly meal in relation to the work of her husband has been abuse in the wet work, but white and glossy shine is ^ ^
favorite diamond ring shine over!

By the way, it is the face of the heart, but the spot that I was thinking to take with the laser is visible and effective with the yellow LED ♪ It

is extremely useful to be able to use it with pinpoint?

I think that the effect of exideal is also great, but I would recommend starting from here if you are interested.

There is also a vibration mode so it can be slimming , but I haven't tried it yet (^ _ ^;)

It is affordable compared to the exideal ♪
Mr. Speedmaster
Speed Master
Speed Master
We change four kinds of LED cartridge and use.
The body is the size of the water, light and easy to hold.
It is rechargeable and the light is strong and it feels slightly warm.
The light beauty itself does not have an immediate effect, but somehow the skin tone will be upward.
I want to continue to see how it works.
Buyer 's
I wanted to see on the TV that the LED is good for the skin, but I bought a mini because I bought it high and it was not good if it had no effect. Acne is likely to be effective.

It seems to be effective.
Convenience is very good.
You can easily hit it with one hand at the touch of a button. It is so easy that you can use it anytime.
For acne, I use it for beans.
We use bioptron in the morning and evening, but in the meantime. From around 2 days, I had a lot of acne and I was saved.

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