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Water and ultrasonic vibrations bring out impurities from pores. A water peeling beauty appliance.

・Water Peeling: Sonic waves turn water into a mist state, blowing out and removing dirt from pores.

・Ion Derivation (Cleansing): Adsorbs impurities from the depths of pores, skin darkness and keratin plugs that cannot be removed easily by regular face washing.

・Iontophoresis: Allows beauty ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin. When applying serum, penetration power is increased approx. 20 times.

・Microcurrent: A weak current flow activates skin cells. This improves wrinkles & blemishes, and provides a lifting effect.

● Model No.: KRD-1027/PK

● Contents: Main Unit, USB Cable, AC Adaptor, Instruction Manual, Serum (50g)

● Rated Voltage: 5V/0.5A

● Ingredients/Materials: [Head Material] stainless steel, [Body Portion] ABS resin

● Size (cm): H (Height) 165mm x D (Depth) 15mm x W (Width) 53mm

● Weight (item only)[G]: 76

● Made in Japan

● Manufacturer Name: Beautiful Angel

● Handling Precautions: Apart from the metal plate portion, this item is not waterproof. Therefore, it cannot be used in the bathroom or while taking a bath.


Glossy White
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5 out of 5
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There was not much sense of getting dirty
I decided to buy it because I was curious about the pores.

It's only a few days since I started using it, but I can't confirm any dirt that might have been removed, but I think my skin has become smooth, so I want to continue using it.
After derivation of ions and water peeling, I felt like I was playing lotion until now, but now I am familiar with it.
It was easy to follow the nose and it was smooth.

I wanted to keep using it.
I was worried about water peeling in late night TV shopping, but it was cheaper in Don Quixote so check the reviews!
Everyone's comments were good and I decided to buy it! It removes dirt that doesn't fall off with a face wash, and the skin becomes smooth, and I feel the makeup of the next day! It seems to be able to remove dirt from washing twice.
It's great to see the effect just by using it once! Recommended (^-^)
kuri kuri
Water peeling at an esthetic would normally cost around 5,000 yen, so if that was the case, I wanted to purchase this product, and compared similar products from each company on the net, I tried to make it an ax alpha .

Sore on the side of the nostril acne you can often, but just now severe acne a to be likely the very beginning of the pain pores there is clogging, there peeling was, the next day is painful acne never grow up, It remained beautiful after that, so you can use it! I think. Compared to the case where only
water peeling was performed and the case where the attached functions were derived and introduced , I felt that water peeling alone would be smooth. If you use this to gradually deal with the plug before

it gets bigger and closes the pores , I think that you won't have a plug that spreads the pores , and that you will have smooth skin. It was not that the dirt on
the pores that had already spread could be removed with ultrasonic mist. I think that gradually and gradually.
If I had this product when I was younger. . . It might have been a little more beautiful skin.

There is "Classic" in the same Lulu Aqua Alpha, but it is functionally the same, and it seems that it is a type that sets the mode with an independent button for each function.
This Aqua Alpha is a type that sets each mode with a single button, and is probably a generic product of “Classic”.

When I decided on Aqua Alpha, I decided that I didn't intend to use it especially in the bath and thought that waterproofing was not necessary, and I thought that only one button was needed.
However, after all it is better to have a waterproof function. Because it can be peeled off
when bathing, it will save you time.
I thought it would be fine to have only one button, but each time you press the button, it will move in order as “water peeling , putting, ion derivation, ion introduction”. What mode is it currently in? It was hard to understand whether it was pressed or not (it shows which mode it is with light), so I regretted that the independent button for each function could be used without stress. It's a minor problem, but what if you get used to it?

If one day it breaks and you need to buy it again, you'll want to choose one that is waterproof next time.
But now I'm happy with Aqua Alpha.
Inexpensive, cordless, and light itself. Peeling , introduction and putting can be done easily.
It was a year-end party at the end of the year. I was happy because I was interested in the
facial system.
As a result, it's a feeling that you can take it little by little, not feeling that you can take it.
However, it may be gentler on the skin to take it little by little and prevent it rather than taking it all.
There is also an EMS function and a micro-current function, and I think that the girl's power is improved only by feelings, taking care at a little daily time.
It is thin and convenient to carry.
I use it with a steamer, but it works very well.
Your skin has become smooth.
white rabbit mochi
Used for more than half a year.
Because I was troubled with a horn plug by the introduction of an acquaintance, I bought it. I don't use the skincare function
among various functions, but I use it about 3 times a week for horn plugs. The corner plugs on the nose are particularly easy to collect and stand out, but when used, the white corner plugs can be removed by the vibration of the head. When using it, we recommend that the skin is sufficiently moist and that water drops remain. Since it prevents the skin from being damaged and vibrates into the water to remove the dirt, the presence of moisture changes the ease with which the dirt can be removed. Moisturizing is necessary after use, but the cleanliness and appearance of the skin before and after use will change. It is a must-have!
mik *****
We rated it as very good
os _ *****
We rated it as very good
rio *****
Skin condition has improved.

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