MYJP team is an international collection of tech-savvy, energetic, and young people from Japan and worldwide. We officially started in June 2018.

If someone asks how MYJP was born, we will answer without hesitation that MYJP begins based on our pure love to Japan - the country, the people and their inventions. The beauty and convenience of a Japan product is so valuable to its price that it should reach everyone from all over the world to try and feel. However, after trying to buy Japan products abroad, we realized that the difficulty of a large number of people who want to buy Japan products is that they have to encounter language barriers, cumbersome and troublesome websites, payment difficulty and no instant-support services.

“There must be ways to improve this problem!”-We thought.

Then, we discovered one more thing, shipping fee is extremely high from Japan to other countries.

Days of discussing and testing, now we are proud to offer the best solution by providing for our customers the simplest buying platform - everything is in English with great customer service - Shopping has never been that easy! To anyone who wants to shop what you LOVE from Japan, you have us: MYJP.com.

Things change once you shop with us. With MYJP, you will enjoy the most affordable shipping rates offered by carriers such as DHL, Fedex and EMS.

Additionally, price is one of the most important factor for consumers to make their decision. While our competitors sell Japan products at higher prices than domestic retail price, MYJP offers you the best prices for foreigners - the same one as domestic prices, or sometimes, you will love that..., even better one.

What’s more? In case you don’t like a product that you just bought? Within 14 days, consumers could utilize our refund policy.

And last but not least, let’s talk about products quality. Clearly, this is the most important part, and also the deciding factor for you to choose Japan products. How do we control our products quality to suit the customers’ need? The answer lies on our fast process with the manufacturers. All products that we provide are newly package, and currently sold in Japan market. Especially with tea, our suppliers are the manufacturers - directly, no middle man. That is how the premium tea that has just been produced from farm, is then being shipped to reach your hands and retain the freshness. This is the thing that makes us unique from other providers.

So what are you waiting for? Order now the best products from Japan on MYJP.com and enjoy the faster, simpler, and cheaper shopping-what-you-LOVE experience!


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